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Stump Grinding — Tree Service in Salem OR

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding in Salem, OR

Papendieck's Tree Service, in Salem, Oregon, is proud to be your source for tree removal and stump grinding services. Call our service today and let our professionals begin transforming your property.

Tree Removal

To complement our pruning service, we also specialize in tree removal and chipping. Our service will always complete the job the right way and clean up after we finish. Regardless of size and species, our experts can safely remove any trees.

Stump Grinding

Our landscaping service always conducts our stump grinding on your property. We can grind the stump down after cutting down your tree or grind existing stumps. This is provided as a same day service to help you maintain your landscape.
Request a quote from us in Salem, Oregon, and let our tree removal service give your land the look it deserves.